“Dem Golden Slippers” –Performance Art Piece:

In 2013 , I participated in a performance art project by artist Justin Randolph Thompson.  Justin is a sculptor and new media artist and his concept is described on his site in this way:

“The piece explores the trade of shoe shining and hustling while setting up shop during given hours where visitors have the opportunity to get their shoes gold-leafed. The title and act are drawn from minstrel lyrics that speak of putting your best things away until judgment. The work investigates the status symbol of shoes in the urban context investing these with the shifted hierarchy of the shoe shiner as the provider of a tool for ascension and a recalibrated moral character.”

This was a great project to participate in.  The video is being edited, but here is a “trailer” of sorts, with some highlights of the performance.

CLICK FOR VIDEO:  ‘Dem Golden Slippers

“Out of Nowhere”

Performed at the 2011 Cranberry Street Festival, Brooklyn, NY.  With Eric Loffswold on soprano.

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