The Craig McGorry Quartet

IMG_0299The Craig McGorry Quartet (CMQ) is a saxophone (tenor and soprano), piano (sometimes guitar), bass, and drums quartet performing frequently in the NewYork City area.   Our repertoire consists of standards from the American Songbook, blues, bossa nova, and more.  We are available for private events also.   Contact me at: for more details.  

The Kayo Hiraki Quartet

IMG_0004For the past decade, I’ve been performing as a special guest with the Kayo Hiraki Quartet (KHQ).  Kayo Hiraki (, originally from Japan, has been playing in the NYC jazz scene for 20 years.  During that time, she has played (and continues to play) every weeknight at the renowned Arturo’s on Houston Street, just off Thomspson.  You can often catch me playing with the KHQ at Cleopatra’s Needle on 92nd Street and Broadway.  Kayo and I also do private events and are available as a duo as well.

The Clement Piezanowski Sextet 

The Clement Piezanowski Sextet consists of tenor saxophone, soprano saxophone, trombone, piano, bass, and drums.  CPS plays


selected standards that often feature arrangements by members of the group or arrangements from classic recordings.  In addition, CPS performs compositions written by members of the group.  CPS performs at venues around NYC, including Silvana, The Shrine, Farafina’s, and more.

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